About Sense 2 Cents

It is never too late to understand the fundamentals of financial literacy, but for a genuine change in the culture to take place, we must start by educating our most valuable asset, our children. Sense 2 Cents goal is to  make financial literacy a priority in homes across America, by creating great fun kid-friendly flashcards.

Financial Literacy Flash Cards Printable Financial Literacy Activity Book EBOOK-Money Talk: Guide for Parents Teaching Teens and Young Adults about Financial Literacy

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Our tale

Prior to Sense 2 Cents, Ashley dedicated her time to helping women with their finances. Most of her clients wished they had acquired such priceless knowledge when they were much younger. With that came Ashley's decision to provide age appropriate learning materials for children. In hopes that parents and children would learn side by side, she established the leading edge financial literacy brand, Sense 2 Cents, in 2018.

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Printable Financial Literacy Activity Book

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